Best Paid Survey Sites to Make Extra Money

Best Paid Survey Sites 2018 – Can You Take Surveys for Money?

Our Goal: Our goal is to help you find the best paid survey sites to make extra money and avoid scam. At the end of this page, you will find top 10 online survey sites that pay cash and are 100% FREE to join.

best paid survey sites to make extra moneyIf you’re looking for the best way to  make extra money from home with legitimate paid survey sites, then I’m glad you’ve found this website and I strongly suggest you keep reading…

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Yes, it is true that you can join free paid survey sites and get cash for answering online surveys.

Paid Surveys – Get Paid to Fill Out FREE Paid Online Surveys

One of the most popular and widely used ways that online users earn extra money is by using best paying survey sites. It’s easy to do and can be done by anyone from the comfort of their own home.

There are literally hundreds of different websites that you can register with that will set you up with legit paid surveys that you can take and get paid for. It doesn’t matter where you are located, getting paid to take surveys can be taken from anywhere in the world.

Besides getting paid for your local and domestic surveys, there are also many international paid surveys that you can earn some good money with too. We could all use extra money to help us pay our bills, or maybe we just want to have some extra spending money. No matter what you want the extra money for, by simply filling out paid surveys you will get paid!

  • FREE List of US Paid Surveys
  • Free List of non-US/International Paid Surveys

If you are wondering why companies will pay you to fill out paid surveys, please know that many of the largest companies in the world rely on the opinions given by their consumers for future marketing promotions.

Companies need to be wise when spending their advertising budget and use paid surveys to get an idea of what consumers want, it basically guides them into their next advertising venture. They will want your honest opinions about their products or services, and you should give it to them.

When you are filling out the paid online surveys, your honest opinions is what they are reimbursing you for and you should give it to them whether negative or positive. They will appreciate it when you give them a negative feedback on their product or service because it will signal to them that some improvements need to be made.

Though there are no educational requirements to fill out these paid surveys online, sometimes you may be quickly screened to see if you match up well with the company that is conducting the research. Be honest about yourself and you are sure to be set up with companies that want people who fit your profile to fill out their paid surveys.

It does not matter what time or day it is when you fill out these paid surveys, your opinions will count 24/7.

Methods of payment may vary from company to company. Some are cash paid surveys, some are PayPal paid surveys, and some offer gift card paid surveys in which you are rewarded with gift cards for your participation in the paid surveys.

If there is a particular way that you would like to be rewarded for your opinions, you may want to check out some paid survey reviews, or seek out a guide to paid surveys online.

Free List of Best Paid Survey Sites which Pay You Cash, PayPal Cash and Gift Cards:

Pinecone gives members a chance to participate in surveys, online focus groups, and product testing. Rewards start at $3, payable via check or PayPal.
Pinecone Research Review

Ipsos Review

Harris Poll Online Review

Members who meet the eligibility requirements for this panel can exchange points for their feedback via check or an Amazon coupon code. The minimum cash out balance is 50 points ($5).
Opinion Outpost Review

Toluna panelists participate in surveys, product testing, sponsored polls, and opinion writing. Point value awards range from 3,000-15,000 points ($1-$5).

Minimum pay out balance is 30,000 points ($10) redeemable via check or PayPal.
Toluna Review

Members receive frequent and interesting surveys that have a minimum cash value of $2. After accumulating $20, individuals can request earnings via Visa pre-paid debit cards or gift cards for major retailers.
Valued Opinions Review

E-Poll Surveys
Looks like a fun site. Join for free. Rewards are redeemed at major shops. It is free to join and surveys are received by email. They are listed with BBB online.

ACOP (American Consumer Opinion)
This is a paid survey site. Receive cash or rewards that can be accumulated for future cash. There are no enrollment fees. Complete the surveys in your profile to receive a variety of surveys.
ACOP Review

Survey points are five cents each. These surveys are available to participants outside the USA. Surveys received are based on profile information. Points are redeemed for cash and paid by check. Average survey is 15 minutes and received by email.

Mindfield sends qualifying members targeted surveys that pay between $1-10. Occasionally, members will receive product evaluations via mail. Minimum cash out balance is $10 payable by check or PayPal. Members also receive electronic items and other prizes for referrals.
MindfieldOnline review

iPoll formerly known as SurveyHead provides members with a dashboard feature to determine eligibility before attempting surveys. Minimum of $25 is required to request earnings via PayPal or gift cards.
iPoll Review

Besides taking surveys, members receive extra incentives for recommending other active participants.
SurveySavvy Review

MySurvey panel rewards loyal members with frequent surveys and bonus points for referrals, who actively participate. Members can select cash, merchandise, or charity donations after accumulating 1000 points ($10). Also, sends surveys for other family members to complete.
MySurvey Review

MyView gives panelists the opportunity to share views on a variety of topics. Completed surveys get instant points. Points are redeemable for a $25 pre-paid Visa gift card after reaching 35,000 points.
MyView review

MAP conducts about 12 to 15 survey projects and product sampling projects a year. Members collect points (1,000 points =$10.00) that can be redeemed for

General Mills products, Amazon gift cards or PayPal transfer.

Conducts 5-20 minute surveys that pay about $2-$3. There is no minimum pay out. There are three redeemable options: AOL Credits, AAdvantage Miles, PayPal or Amazon gift cards.
Opinion Place Review

The Socratic Forum administers 10-20 minute surveys mostly concerning IT companies. Surveys pay between $3-$10. A $5 minimum is required to redeem earnings via check or Amazon online gift certificates.
Socratic Forum Review.

SurveySpot rewards participants with sweepstakes and instant win games for completing surveys. There is a 1000 point ($10) minimum needed to request earnings.
SurveySpot Review

TestSpin invites participants to take surveys and take part in focus group discussions. Successful contributors receive gift certificates or payment via PayPal.
TestSpin Review

This exclusive membership forum requires members to secure spots via referrals and special invitations. Members can request payment via check after accruing 375 points ($10).

Brand Institute
This is a paid survey company. This company’s field of expertise is in product awareness.

Click IQ
Membership is free. Earn points by completing surveys. 2500 points equals $25 (USD). Surveys are received by email. Selection is based on profile information. Points can be redeemed for cash, sweepstakes entries or products.

Clear Voice Surveys
Surveys are paid in cash, gift certificates or gift cards. There are no fees to join. Questionnaires are lengthy but will help in receiving more surveys.


Directive Analytics
Receive 10 cents per point, 100 points equals $1. Number of points received per survey is dependent on the length and complexity of the survey. An up to date profile insures receipt of appropriate surveys. There are no fees to join. Payment must be requested and is received by check.

This company offers a wide array of rewards to established business places, which are travel, airline miles, food and gift shops. Survey invites are based on profile information. There is no cost.

This company was one of the first online research panels. There are over eight hundred thousand members. Each survey explains the payment or reward. Sign up is easy and there are no fees. This company has been in business since 1995.

Focus Forward
Surveys are paid in cash only. Rewards may be up to five dollars each. You do not receive sales offers, emails or phone calls. Registration is quick and simple.

One to five dollars is paid for each survey completed. 100 points equals $1. If you complete the qualification questions for a survey and don’t qualify you still receive 10 points. They also offer a 50 point referral bonus. Points can be redeemed when you reach 1000 points. They have been in business since 1991.

Keynote Panel
Survey takers are used to evaluate websites. A keynote connector is seamlessly installed on the participants computer. Payments for completed surveys are received in three business days. All evaluations may not contain rewards or payouts.

Zoompanel Review

Focus Forward Review

Livewire Review

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  1. Good list of top 20 survey sites you have here. Survey is a very good way to earn pocket money especially when you find the legitimate ones and also know how to refer members.

    But I will advise you to expand your earning ways by joining more than one survey sites. And joining at least 8-9 legit sites listed here would help you a lot.

    Am looking for survey sites that accept Jamaicans, and was directed here. Please can you help me out?

  2. Just got my check for $50. Sometimes people don’t believe me when I tell them about how much you can make taking paid surveys online.

    • Congratulations Asley!

      Thanks for sharing your experience of paid surveys with us. I agree with you that people don’t believe untill they get a payment and that was the case for me as well. It was a 50$ check from Globaltestmarket that changed my perception about paid online surveys.

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